Skive Magazine ‘Farewell’.

Skive has, over the years, been a consistent vehicle for excellent literature. This may be the last issue but it is certainly not a “swan song” but a beating drum of beautiful literature. I am honored to have my story included. the hard copy is just grand and, if I may be so bold, a great value.

Its simply one of the best anthologies I’ve ever come across! Every contributor is in their prime. You will laugh! You will cry! I couldn’t recommend it higher. This should be read by anyone interested in getting published. Its that good. In fact its almost ideal! A great Christmas gift for anyone who loves to read good stuff!

Beautiful print volume with great stories. Definitely a professional product, and one I am enjoying immensely. Highly recommend.

This 324 PAGE issue features 129 STORIES / MEMOIRS / POEMS from 103 Authors:

Alice Lowe, Allen Kopp, Alun Williams, Andira Dodge, Andrew G. Bennett, Angelo Dalpiaz, Bob Jacobs, Brad Evans, Brennan O’Shea, Brian Biswas, Bryan Harmon, Camille Griep, Cherub Madden, Chrissa Sandlin, Christopher R. Krueger, Christopher T. Dabrowski, Clyde L. Borg, Corey Mesler, David S. Pointer, Debbie Robson, Diane Havens, Doug Johnson, Ellen Woods, Fern G.Z. Carr, Fiona Murray, Gary Beck, George Sparling, Greg Freier, J.R. Carson, Jennifer A. Clissold, Jesse Rowe, Jessie Campbell, John C. Mannone, John Dodge, John Oliver Hodges, Jon Alston, Julia Hones, Karen Bayly, Karen Paul Holmes, Khadija Taiba, Krishan Coupland, Larry D. Thomas, Larry Lefkowitz, LB Sedlacek, Linda M. Crate, Linda Visman, Madeline Pettet, Maren O. Mitchell, Marie Shield, Marie-Claude Bourjon, Marilynn M. Wilkins, Mark Burchard, Mark Liston, Mark Marusic, Martin Green, Matthew Davies, Matthew Glenn Ward, Matthew McKiernan, Matthew Wilson, Mel Fawcett, Dr. Mel Waldman, Melodie Corrigall, Meriah L. Crawford, Michael A. Kiggins, Michael Jameson, Michael O’Moynihan, Michael Price, Michelle Lopert, Misha Firer, Neil Campbell, Neila Mezynski, Nick Johnson, Paul Durante, Paul Kavanagh, Pearl W. Mitchell, Peter Anderson, Rachel Cann, Ralph Greco, Jr., Reynold Junker, Richard Peake, Richard Thompson, Ricky Ginsburg, Robert Castle, Robin Evans, Robin Wyatt Dunn, Russell Bittner, Sonnet Mondal, Stacy Thowe, Steve Myers, Sue Pace, Susie Ellen, Tadhg Muller, Terry McKee, Tom Burkett, Tom Frozart, Ushiku Crisafulli, Valentina Cano, Valery Petrovskiy, Vivian McInerny, Wayne H.W. Wolfson, Wayne Scheer, Will Tinkham, and William Cass.

and Art & Photography from:

Barbara Neu, J. Brougham, Naomi Downie, Roger Gilroy, and Stephen Mead.

Thanks go to the following for their kind support of Skive Magazine:

  • Andrew Bennett  (Australia)
  • Jan Cornall  (Australia)
  • Eunice English  (UK)
  • Michael Jameson  (Australia)
  • Bob Jacobs  (UK)
  • Michael Massari  (USA)
  • Sophie Playle  (UK)
  • Annetta Ribken  (USA)